What Is Meditation?




Mediation has been practiced for thousands of years and recorded since ancient times.  It has been suggested that primitive hunting and gathering communities could have discovered the different states of awareness brought about from gazing at the flames of their fires.  


It has been said that a form of meditation was developed some 10,000 – 15,000 years ago by tribes in Southern India.


There are many different forms of meditation, such as Pratyhara,  and it was first developed and widely practiced across Asia; only really coming to the Western world in the last century.



How Do You Meditate?


Usually you will be sitting comfortably in a quiet place without distraction.

You may focus on your breathing; on the here and now and may use a word to repeat for calm.

You can meditate by yourself; in groups and may be taken through guided mediation by a ‘teacher’.





Whether the root cause be emotional, physical or mental, when there is an inbalance the whole person can be affected in a negative way.  Meditation can help redress the balance allowing healing, empowering positive change.  It is a powerful tool toward self-development and growth.


* Gain Inner Peace  -  expel negativity and calm the inner noise

* Increase Self Awareness  -  gain clarity of thought

* Become Present in the now  -  be more focused in the present moment

* Source of Inspiration  -  improve creativity

* Rejuvenate -  clear and refresh